Training course result by our past students.

Results of 8 hours of intensive   1-1 session,. our students were able to achieve these amazing looks on their model. 


RG Wigs offers both hairstylists as well as beginners an opportunity to advance their knowledge and techniques in the wig making industry. Through our specially designed intensive 1-1 session, students will learn the most important techniques and knowledge in successfully becoming a wig stylist.

Our hands-on Intensive class teaches advanced wig making/lace frontal techniques, covering:

  •  Constructing a wig 

  • Taking and Applying measurements correctly

  •  Bleaching knots

  • Plucking a frontal 

  • Bald cap method

  • Tinting lace to match various skin tones

  • Correctly cutting lace to match clients' hairline

  • Glue application method/Glueless method

  • Professional styling/finishing on a model

  •  Product reviews and recommendations

  • Brief marketing tips



This hands on class is taught by our stylist Ruki Garba.

It is a practical based class, which means every step of the class involves the student being hands on.

Our stylist guides students through each step of our objectives by explaining as well as demonstrating,the student will be expected to demonstrate what has been taught. Students will also be expected to complete a wig as well as fit a wig onto a model.

We aim to ensure each student completes each step of the objectives set out, therefore we expect our students to arrive with the willingness to learn.

Class Duration; 8hrs

Availability: Sundays & Mondays 

Time: 10am-6pm

PRICE: £700


All products and equipment for the class will be provided by us.

A model will also be provided( model will be bringing her own hair) if you wish to bring your own model you may also arrange to do so.

A £50 Deposit is required to secure a date.




Successfully completing this class will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to construct a wig to a professional standard. After this class, it is down to each student to consistently apply the knowledge that has been taught.