What is the difference between Lace frontals and Lace closures?

Lace frontal

  • Frontals measures from ear to ear ( Typically measuring at 13inches across and 4inches back)
  • Allows styling versitility from ear to ear (including pulled back hairstyles)
  • Gives a More realistic look, due to customisation of hairline.
Lace closure
  • lace closures are installed in the closing area of the wig (middle or side)
  • Typically Measured at 4inches by 4inches ( 5" by 5"/6X6/7X7 closures also availabe)

How do I know my head measurement ?

When choosing a wig, you will need to measure your head for an accurate and comfortable fit. Mesurement Guide (Using a measuring tape): Circumference Place one end of the tape in the middle of your hairline, then take the other end around your head until both ends meet. ( meaurement should be between 20inches - 25/26inches) Front to nape place one end of the tape in the middle of your hairline, then extend the other end going across to the back of your head towards your neck. (measurement should be between 11inches - 17inches) Ear to ear place one end of the tape next to the start of your ear (next to side burn), then extend across hairline/forehead, to the other ear. (measuremnet should be between 10inches to 13")

How is the wig made?

Noir/Touch of Colour Collection

  • All wigs from the collection range are Custom made on a professional mesh cap.
  • Each wig is made with your preciese measurement for the most comfortable and secure fit.
  • Included on each wig is an elastic band and adjustable straps (optional free clips)

Difference between having a wig delivery vs having a Fitting?


  • Each wig will arrive to you in our RGWigs packaging box, along with a payment receipt.
  • Your wig will arrive fully customised to your head size, knots bleached and hairline plucked to mimick a natural hair line.
  • Your wig will arrive fully styled (straightened/curled/parting) and ready to wear.
  • A suitable fitting date will be arranged within a week of purchasing your wig.
  • Prior to fitting, your wig will be fully customised to your head size, knots bleached and customised.
  • Your wig will be fitted for you and extra adjusments can be made if needed.
  • Your wig will be styled, fitted and moulded on your head with a flawless finish.

Why do i need to choose a Lace colour?

The colour of your lace is crucial to how natural your wig looks. Our lace comes in a range of colours, including light/medium brown and transparent lace. Also each lace can be tinted perfcetly to fit each clients skin tone.

About "design your own wig"

The design a wig feature has been added to allow customers to create their very own wig, to suite their taste. You are required to enter specifications on your wig in the field box. Following this you may proceed to requesting a quote. once we have your form, we will send you an invoice to proceed with your order. Your designed wig will be made to your specification. Your quote is inclusive of Bundles, lace, constrution, customisation and styling, colour, cuts, Delivery/ fitting etc.